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Basque Country and Catalonia: Different Paths to Recognition

Spain’s changing politics cannot be understood without considering its internal, national disputes argues Dr. Ander Errasti-Lopez of the European University Institute, Florence.
20 years devolution

Introducing "Twenty Years of Devolution"

Dr. Coree Brown Swan introduces our new weekly blog series which reflects on the past decades of devolution and examines what we might expect to see in the coming years in all parts of the United Kingdom and across a wide range of policy areas.
Downing Street

The next PM's territorial challenges

Jack Sheldon (Bennett Institute, University of Cambridge) looks at the constitutional issues facing Britain's next Prime Minister.
House of Commons

Played-out Brexit takes shape

CCC Fellow Richard Parry reviews Theresa May's abortive plan to get her Brexit "deal" through the Commons as her premiership terminates abruptly.

The politician and the showman

In this final contribution to the majority nationalism series, Nataliia Kasianenko of Fresno State University reflects on the recent elections in Ukraine, analyzing the discourse of the campaign.

Election 2019: What now for Spanish politics?

In the first of our new blog series, Politics in a Changing Spain, Dr Robert Liñeira (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) looks at the recent parliamentary election and its implications for the future of Spanish politics.

Scotland and the European Elections

CCC Director Professor Michael Keating previews this week's elections to the European Parliament as Scottish voters get an unexpected trip to the polls.
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Boundaries of the Nation and their Implications in a Multinational State: Comparing Quebecers and Other Canadians

In their contribution to our majority nationalism series, Antoine Bilodeau of Concordia University and Luc Turgeon of the University of Ottawa share the result of their survey which compares the way in which Quebecers and Canadians construct community boundaries.
Emmanuel Huybrechts Quebec Downtown, Flickr CC license

Secularism at any cost?

In her contribution to our majority nationalism series, Geneviève Nootens of the Université du Québec explores recent arguments over a draft legislation on secularism, introduced in Québec.