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20 years devolution

Education and the Scottish Parliament

Professor Lindsay Paterson (University of Edinburgh) reviews the Scottish Parliament's "confused" record on education.
20 years devolution

Social Justice in 2014 and Beyond

In her second contribution to the series on twenty years of devolution, Professor Kirstein Rummery addresses the issue of social justice in the run-up and aftermath of the 2014 referendum on independence. She explores the framing of social justice in 2014 and the potential for improvements in the aftermath of the referendum.
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A Constitutional Convocation

In a guest blog, Welsh commentator Glyndwr Cennydd Jones calls for a UK Constitutional Convention to explore the nature of the Union and make it fit for purpose for the 21st century.

Advice in a time of belief: Brexit and the civil service

Professor Jim Gallagher (Nuffield College, Oxford) reflects on the challenges of Brexit for Britain's civil servants.
20 years devolution

Social Justice in Devolution: A Scottish vision of social justice

In her first contribution to the twenty years of devolution series, Professor Kirstein Rummery (University of Stirling) explores social justice in Scotland in light of devolution. In this week’s blog, she asks whether there was a coherent vision for social justice in the early years of devolution?
20 years devolution

Scottish Parliament at 20: what does the future hold?

In this week's instalment of our Twenty Years of Devolution blog series CCC Co-director Professor Nicola McEwen looks at how Brexit in particular will shape the Scottish Parliament's future.
Brexit scrabble

Why Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit

Professor Feargal Cochrane (University of Kent) outlines how Brexit itself has transformed in a way that is likely to jeopardise the future of the devolved institutions in Northern Ireland, the Good Friday Agreement and the peace process more broadly.
20 years devolution

The rise of the ‘others’: 20 years after devolution, a new middle ground in Northern Irish politics?

Jonathan Evershed looks at the recent success of middle ground parties in Northern Ireland.
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England and Wales – the neglected political system

Richard Parry looks at the development and use of devolved powers after the Welsh Government decides not to make it easier to drive to England