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MPs Job-Share:  A Practice Worth Trialling. With an image of the UK Houses of Parliament.

MPs Job-Share: A Practice Worth Trialling

Rosie Campbell and Sarah Childs advocate for job-sharing among MPs to make politics more accessible to underrepresented groups, such as women and disabled people. They argue that concerns about representation and accountability can be effectively managed through carefully designed principles and practices.
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Northern Ireland and the 2024 General Election Results

In 2017, Brexit pushed Northern Ireland’s political representation in Westminster to the extremes of the spectrum. Now, Westminster will see a much more diverse range of views from Northern Ireland represented, including from seven new MPs.
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A smart electorate makes its views known

Richard Parry reviews the way that the democratic process worked its way around the electoral system to produce surprising but clear outcomes, ejecting the UK government but not in a position to do the same to the administration in Edinburgh
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Election 2024 analysis: The future for Labour in Wales

After winning an historic landslide at the general election, the Labour Party is in a buoyant mood. However, while Labour was successful in terms of the number of seats won in Wales, digging deeper into the results suggests that the story might not be as rosy for the party.
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How Scotland Voted in the 2024 UK General Election

Following Labour's overwhelming victory in the UK, few anticipated the extent of their success in Scotland. Mark McGeoghegan explores the factors that contributed to redrawing the Scottish electoral map.
Text on graphic reads: Election 2024 analysis: The UK Union may appear restrengthened — but is it really? by Jack Liddall, Politics and International Relations Studies, University of Cambridge

Election 2024 analysis: The UK Union may appear restrengthened — but is it really?

United in their desire to remove Tories from office (apparently using whichever political vehicle necessary), are the people of the UK singing from the same hymn sheet once again?
Taking stock of the 2024 GLA election

Taking stock of the 2024 GLA election: The more things change, the more they stay the same

On the 2nd of May 2024, alongside other regional elections across England and Wales, voters went to the polls to elect the Greater London Authority (GLA) for the seventh time since its creation in 1999 by Tony Blair’s government. 
Cutting through the noise

Cutting through the noise: what do the polls tell us about the election in Scotland?

Is the perception of Scottish polls being "all over the place" accurate?

In this piece, Mark McGeoghegan analyses the diverse data and types of polls available to cut through the noise and identify the underlying trends in Scottish polling without overstating the certainty of the predictions we can make.
A New Parliamentary Institution

A New Parliamentary Institution? The Mother of the House & the Retirement of the Rt Hon Harriet Harman MP

As Mother of the House, Rt Hon Harriet Harman MP gained unprecedented authority and legitimacy, speaking not just as an individual on behalf of women MPs and making feminist claims for women, but speaking as the representative of women MPs – in their name – for feminist ends.

With her retirement, what of the institution Harman made real?