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What was Boris up to in Scotland?

Michael Kenny and Jack Sheldon of Cambridge University reflect on Boris Johnson's trip to Aberdeen, arguing that it represents a form of 'unionist activism', using the central state to make the case for the Union.
Glasgow City Council

Local Government: Time to Ditch the Whitehall Model?

In his contribution to the devolution at twenty series, Neil McGarvey of the University of Strathclyde examines the effect of devolution on local government, arguing that it is time for change.
High Court of Justiciary and Court of Session

Devolution at Twenty: Embedding a New Constitutional Paradigm

As the Scottish Parliament returns from recess, Aileen McHarg of Durham University analyses the constitutional logic of Scottish devolution. This is a contribution to the series on twenty years of devolution.
Scottish Parliament Marco Varisco CC License via Flickr

Devolving welfare: Creating a velvet glove or dismantling the iron fist?

In her contribution to our series on devolution at twenty, Dr Hayley Bennett highlights the importance of examining both policy ideas and implementation approaches for devolved social security and welfare services in Scotland.

The evolving civil service

In the latest of our series on 20 years of devolution, Richard Parry of the University of Edinburgh reflects on the evolution of the civil service.
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CCC research reflected in key Westminster report on intergovernmental relations.

The report on "The Relationship between the UK and Scottish Governments" issued on Friday 7th June by Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee contains key recommendations which are informed by research and evidence given by CCC fellows.
Boris Johnson

Boris moves in

Richard Parry discusses the advent of the new UK Prime Minister and the likely impact of his singular personal style

The Scottish Parliament is essential to Scottish democracy, but what kind of democracy is it?

Professor Paul Cairney (University of Stirling) examines the effectiveness of policymaking by the Scottish Parliament since 1999.
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Should the devolved governments fear Westminster politicians bearing gifts?

Michael Keating examines the new Prime Minister's financial largesse to the devolved nations and argues that all is not what it seems.