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WATCH: Brexit and devolution

Published: 21 September 2022

When the UK was in the European Union, it helped set the rules of the EU single market. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland followed these rules too. 

With Brexit, the UK and devolved governments agreed to replace some EU rules with UK rules. 

How has this process affected the relationship between the UK and devolved governments?

A new animation from the Centre on Constitutional Change explains the impact of Brexit on devolution.

Watch: Brexit and devolution

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Delving into detail

What has happened since the UK left the EU? 

Our infographic delves into the detail - Common Frameworks, the UK Internal Market Act,  exemptions to these rules, and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

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More information

The animation and infographic are the result of a research project entitled, A Family of Nations? Brexit, Devolution and the Union, led by Nicola McEwen, Professor of Territorial Politics at the University of Edinburgh and Senior Fellow with the UK in a Changing Europe.

The Family of Nations project is a senior fellowship with the UK in a Changing Europe, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.