Upcoming events

2 April - Reform at Holyrood

4pm - 6pm, Chrystal Macmillan Building, 15a George Square, Edinburgh

The Consultative Steering Group set out key principles governing the operation of Holyrood. 25 years on, how has this worked out?

Join Eddie Barnes, Johann Lamont, Alex Neil and Mandy Rhodes who will discuss a quarter of a century of Holyrood:

  • Has the rebalancing of relations between the legislature and executive branches changed as envisaged? 
  • Have committees lived up to expectations? 
  • Is Holyrood turned into a replica of the Commons? 
  • And how might matters be improved?

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9 September – Britishness, Irishness and Institutional Links

A one-day hybrid conference exploring British and Irish identities, institutional links across the islands, and constitutional futures.
9 September, 10:15 – 5pm
Convened by the University College Dublin Institute for British-Irish Studies (IBIS) and the Centre on Constitutional Change.
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27 September – A Union for all seasons: The future of the United Kingdom

5pm - 6.30pm, Playfair Library, Old College, University of Edinburgh
The Centre on Constitutional Change at the University of Edinburgh, in association with the Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation, is delighted to announce a lecture by Sir Malcolm Rifkind.
This lecture will explore the history and future of devolution in the United Kingdom and look at the constitutional position of and arrangements for Scotland in the light of current debates about the Union, independence and federalism.
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Recordings of past CCC events

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12 May – CCC expert panel | Northern Ireland election in a constitutional key


Past events 

Previous events from the Centre on Constitutional Change and our network:


11 - 13 August  – Festival of Politics 2022:

  • Elect her - Dr Meryl Kenny
  • The State of the UK Union – With CCC Fellows Professor Nicola McEwen and Professor Michael Keating, and Dr Claire Whitten

22 – 23 June – The State of the Constitution: Constitution Unit Conference 2022 (UCL)

15 June – Royal Society Edinburgh – Addressing social inequality. What Scotland can learn

7 - 8 June – CCC/UACES-JMCT Territorial Politics workshop – Social Actors and Citizens in Territorial Politics

12 May – Uncertainty is the only certainty? What is Scotland’s future in a Europe of multiple crises?

12 May – CCC expert panel | Northern Ireland election in a constitutional key

11 May – How radical is Scotland? Scottish Election Study inaugural annual lecture

25 April – CCC Book launch: Catalonia, Scotland and the EU: Visions of Independence and Integration

29 March – Constitution and Governance in the UK Conference, UK in a Changing Europe

3 March – Research Insights: identities and public attitudes in Northern Ireland

28 February –  Institute for Government: One year on: what next for the Northern Ireland protocol?

22 February – UK in a Changing Europe: British Politics after Brexit Conference 2022

18 February – After Brexit: Debating constitutional futures across 'these islands'

9 February – The Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN): The Symbolic State

3 February 2022 – UK in a Changing Europe: Independence in the EU and Scotland’s borders

27 January 2022 –  Book launch - The Symbolic State: Minority Recognition, Majority Backlash, and Secession in Multinational Countries, by Karlo Basta


7 October 2021 – EURAC Research – Democratic system and territorial integration

7 September 2021 – Labour and radical federalism /  UK in a Changing Europe and LabourList

22 July 2021 – Isolation Insight: Economics of Covid-19 and Brexit, revisited

30 June 2021 – Between Independence and Union: An Alternative for Scotland?

14 - 16 June 2021 – CCC Summer School

21 May 2021 - Ask the experts UK in a Changing Europe – Spotlight on British Politics series

19 May 2021- Can the constitution hold? UK in a Changing Europe – Spotlight on British Politics series

18 May 2021 - Spotlight on British Politics, National identities and British politics 

29 April 2021 - Isolation Insight: The Scottish Parliament Election

26 April 2021 - Gender, Race and the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary Election. Watch the session on YouTube

12 April 2021 Book Launch: State & Nation in the United KingdomWatch the book launch on YouTube

25 March 2021 The politics of constitutional reform and secession in Canada and Spain 

21 January 2021 Constitutional Debates: Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot


10 December 2020 Covid-19 and the future of devolution in England

28 October 2020 Referendum without Consent? Insights from Catalonia

23 September 2020 UK and the Internal Market - implications for devolution and the Union 

6 August 2020 Brexit and the Borders - the Northern Ireland Protocol 

24 June 2020  Brexit - where are we heading now? 


26 June 2019  "Benelux Britain".  A talk by Adam Price AM, Leader of Plaid Cymru

28 January 2019  Brexit: What Now? What Next? Watch the highlights on Wakelet.