About the Centre

The Centre on Constitutional Change (CCC) is a leading centre for the study of constitutional change and territorial politics in the United Kingdom and beyond. It was established in August 2013 to research the UK’s changing constitutional relationships. Based at the University of Edinburgh, its current fellows include academics from the Universities of Aberdeen, Cambridge, Cardiff, Stirling, and University College Cork.

The Centre also acts as a hub for a much wider network of scholars across the UK and beyond engaged in analysis of contemporary constitutional issues. It is one of the leaders of the Islands and Unions Network, linking academics and practitioners across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Co-Directors for 2023/2024 are Dr Karlo Basta (The University of Edinburgh), Dr Alan Convery (The University of Edinburgh), who will be in post until the end of 2023, and Dr Davide Vampa, who will take up the post from January 2024 when he joins the University of Edinburgh. Our research is multi-disciplinary, with the team spanning the fields of political science, economics, constitutional law, and public policy.


CCC Advisory Board 2018 - 2020:

Ms Claire Brook, HM Treasury
Mr Pat Cox, former president of European Parliament
Mr John Downie, SCVO
Dr Allison Elliot, Royal Society of Edinburgh
Professor Cathy Gormley-Heenan, Queen’s University Belfast
Professor Daniel Innerarity, University of the Basque Country
Professor André Lecours, University of Ottawa
Professor Meg Russell, Constitution Unit, UCL
Professor Richard Wyn Jones, Cardiff University
Professor Brigid Laffan, European University Institute
Councillor Roger Gough, Kent County Council


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