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Big Ben

CCC research reflected in key Westminster report on intergovernmental relations.

The report on "The Relationship between the UK and Scottish Governments" issued on Friday 7th June by Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee contains key recommendations which are informed by research and evidence given by CCC fellows.
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Territorial Tensions in the Canadian Federation

Ahead of Canada's federal elections, André Lecours of the University of Ottawa assesses the prospects of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party, in the face of electoral instability.
Climate change

Devolution, climate change and the climate emergency

Dr Antje Brown of St Andrew’s University reflects on the Scottish Government’s climate change agenda at a time of climate emergency. She argues that like in 2009, the conditions are right for ambitious action on climate change.
Northern Ireland

Bypassing the million-to-one Irish threat to a Brexit deal

CCC Fellow Richard Parry (University of Edinburgh) discusses the ‘turbocharging’ of preparations to avoid the ‘undemocratic backstop’
Hong Kong protest

Debunking Hong Kong's Rule of Law Myth: There is no rule of law without democracy

In a guest blog, Canadian political scientist Jean-François Dupré argues that Hong Kong's rule of law myth cannot exist in the absence of democracy.

The 2019 Indian general elections and the demise of political federalism?

Wilfried Swenden examines the 2019 Indian general elections and asks was it the demise of political federalism?
Boris Johnson

Boris moves in

Richard Parry discusses the advent of the new UK Prime Minister and the likely impact of his singular personal style

The Scottish Parliament is essential to Scottish democracy, but what kind of democracy is it?

Professor Paul Cairney (University of Stirling) examines the effectiveness of policymaking by the Scottish Parliament since 1999.