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Screenshot of video: Brexit and devolution

WATCH: Brexit and devolution

How has Brexit affected the relationship between the UK and devolved governments? A new animation from the Centre on Constitutional Change explains the impact of Brexit on devolution.
Our Scotland, our future - screen grab of video

Watch: Our Scotland, our future

What are young people in Scotland's views, hopes, and fears about Brexit and Scottish independence? We invited young people across Scotland to fill in a survey - here's what they had to say.
Migration challenges after Brexit and Covid

Listen: Migration challenges after Covid and Brexit

In the latest episode of Constitutionally Sound, experts discuss migration challenges after Brexit, whether immigration policy could be devolved, and immigration in the context of Scottish independence.
Image of the Northern Ireland Parliament Buildings

Northern Ireland: A pawn in the new waiting game

Lisa Claire Whitten, Research Fellow at Queen's University Belfast and the Post-Brexit Governance NI project, reacts to the latest developments around the Northern Ireland Protocol, writing that Northern Ireland finds itself at the centre of a new UK-EU waiting game.
Constitutionally Sound, episode 11, Northern Ireland after the election

Experts discuss Northern Ireland and the 2022 Assembly elections in new podcast episode

In the latest episode of the Constitutionally Sound podcast, our guests Katy Hayward and David McCann discuss what happened at the Northern Ireland 2022 Assembly election; the Alliance 'surge'; the Protocol; and what next for Northern Ireland.
Constitutionally Sound episode 10: The Constitutional Future of Wales

New podcast episode examines the constitutional future of Wales

In this episode of Constitutionally Sound, our host Nicola McEwen is joined by Laura McAllister, Professor of Public Policy and the Governance of Wales at Cardiff University, to discuss the constitutional future of Wales.
A League-Union of the Isles

Constitutional reflections and renewal

Glyndwr Cennydd Jones has launched his new e-book A League-Union of the Isles, now available to read, download and print. In this blog, he takes us through the essays included in the book, a collection of his constitutional writing since 2016.
Photo of Welcome to Scotland sign

Managing a harder border: The bare essentials for an independent Scotland

In a new report launched last week, Professors Katy Hayward and Nicola McEwen consider the prospect of an independent Scotland within the EU and what that might mean for Scotland's borders. In this blog, Katy gives an insight into that report, examining what border management might look like for Scotland in that scenario.
Image of people walking in different directions

Worth the wait? Reforming Intergovernmental Relations

Professor Nicola McEwen examines the long-awaited conclusions to the Joint Review of Intergovernmental Relations. She suggests that the reforms, on paper, could mark a step-change in IGR, but cautions that, effective IGR requires not just a change of machinery and process, but a cultural change too.