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State and Majority Nationalism in Plurinational States: Responding to Challenges Below

19 February 2020 | Coree Brown Swan, Daniel Cetrà

CCC Fellows Coree Brown Swan and Daniel Cetrá's co-edited special issue has been published State and Majority Nationalism in Plurinational States. This comes after a CCC international workshop last February and our Majority Nationalism blog series last April/May. 

Reports & Briefings

Brexit and the Union

3 February 2020 | Centre on Constitutional Change

What challenges does Brexit present for the UK's territorial and constitutional future? CCC Fellows consider the extent to which the challenges/opportunities resulting from Brexit are likely to have a pulling together or driving apart effect on the UK Union(s) in their report "Brexit and the Union".

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Ireland and EU Crisis Governance: Continuity and Change in the Shadow of the Financial Crisis and Brexit

23 January 2020 | Mary C. Murphy

CCC Fellow, Mary C Murphy, and John O'Brennan, Associate Professor at Maynooth University edited an issue of the Irish Political Studies Journal "Ireland and EU Crisis Governance: Continuity and Change in the Shadow of the Financial Crisis and Brexit". 

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Can the Anglo-Scottish Union Survive Brexit?

11 December 2019 | Michael Keating

Jacques Leruez was the leading authority on Scottish politics and government in continental Europe. Following his death last year, his colleagues have published a special issue of 'Revue française de civilisation britannique' dedicated to his memory. They include CCC Director, Michael Keating, a friend of Jacques for nearly forty years.

Reports & Briefings

Townscapes: Scotland

4 November 2019 | Michael Kenny

Professor Michael Kenny and Benjamin Goodair from the Bennett Institute for Public Policy attempt to bust myths about Scottish towns and their fortunes and focus on a better appreciation of the different circumstances and factors which affect those who live in them.

Reports & Briefings

Brexit and Renewables in Scotland

22 October 2019 | Nicola McEwen, Aileen McHarg, Paul Cairney

Reports & Briefings

Will a no deal Brexit lead to the break-up of the UK?

1 October 2019 | Michael Kenny, Jack Sheldon