Working papers

The Internal Market

28 September 2020 | Michael Keating

Michael Keating discusses the implications of the UK Government's Internal Market Bill for the Scottish Parliament's Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee

Books & Articles

Crisis, what crisis? Conceptualizing crisis, UK pluri-constitutionalism and Brexit politics

17 September 2020 | Daniel Wincott, Greg Davies

Daniel Wincott, Gregory Davies and Alan Wager ask has Brexit triggered a constitutional crisis in their article for Regional Studies.

Reports & Briefings

The Added-Value of the Ireland-Wales Cooperation Programme

9 September 2020 | Giada Laganà, Daniel Wincott

A new report from CCC Fellows Giada Lagana and Daniel Wincott analysing the value of the Ireland-Wales cooperation programme.

Books & Articles

The Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics

20 August 2020 | Michael Keating

'The Oxford of Scottish Politics' is a comprehensive volume on the state of Scottish politics today. Featuring contributions from CCC Fellows and colleagues, the Handbook provides a thorough overview of Scottish politics.


Coronavirus and Scotland: Interim Report on Intergovernmental Working

23 July 2020 | Nicola McEwen, David Bell, Akash Paun

Evidence given to the House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee from Nicola McEwen, David Bell and Akash Paun features heavily in their new interim report "Coronavirus and Scotland: Interim Report on Intergovernmental Working"


Coronavirus and Scotland

3 July 2020 | Michael Keating

CCC Director chaired a working group for The Royal Society of Edinburgh looking into the House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee's Coronavirus and Scotland inquiry. Here is there response to the inquiry.


Progress of the negotiations on the UK's Future Relationship with the EU

23 June 2020 | Nicola McEwen

CCC Co-Director Nicola McEwen provided written evidence to the UK Parliament's Committee on the Future Relationship with the European Union on the progress of the negotiations on the UK's future relationship with the EU, focusing on the devolution dimension.