The Basics

What is the UK internal market bill?

What is the UK Internal Market Bill?

In September 2020, the UK Government introduced their Internal Market Bill to ensure the free movement of goods and services in the UK following the end of the Brexit transition period. Nicola McEwen explains exactly what the UK Internal Market Bill says and what it could mean for devolution.
Image reading what is the EU customs union?

What is the EU Customs Union?

David Bell explains what tarriffs are and why these matter for the EU Customs Union.
Image reading what is the northern ireland protocol?

What is the Northern Ireland/Ireland Protocol?

Mary C. Murphy explains what the Northern Ireland/Ireland Protocol is and what impact it has on the Northern Ireland Assembly.
Image reading what is the transition period?

What is the 'transition period'?

Michael Keating explains what the transition period is and what will happen if an agreement isn't reached between the EU and UK by 31 December.
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What is the EU Internal Market?

Michael Keating explains what the EU Internal Market is
What happened in September 2014?

What happened in September 2014?

Six years after the Scottish independence referendum, Coree Brown Swan explains what happened in 2014 and how the question of independence is still live today.
What is devolution

What is 'devolution'?

Nicola McEwen provides 'The Basics' on devolution in the UK, what is devolution and how does it work?

What is meant by 'devolved' and 'reserved' powers?

Jack Sheldon, University of Cambridge, provides 'The Basics' on powers in the UK, explaining what is meant when we talk about reserved and devolved powers
what is asymmetric devolution

What is 'asymmetric devolution'?

CCC Director, Michael Keating provide 'The Basics' on asymmetric devolution - what does it mean, and what are some examples?