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Devolution in the UK: governing each NHS with one hand clapping?

Gwyn Bevan of the LSE reflects on devolution and the NHS in his contribution to the devolution at twenty series.
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Devolving welfare: Creating a velvet glove or dismantling the iron fist?

In her contribution to our series on devolution at twenty, Dr Hayley Bennett highlights the importance of examining both policy ideas and implementation approaches for devolved social security and welfare services in Scotland.
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Yes, There’s Still a Local Government Election Going On

In the upcoming but overlooked local elections the issue of women's representation has once again been sidelined. Dr Meryl Kenny and Prof Fiona Mackay argue that this matter is too important to be left to parties and that it is time for legislation.

The Scottish NHS – more financially secure outside the UK?

Paul Johnson and David Phillips ask whether the Scottish NHS is more financially secure within or outwith the union.

Mental Health and a New Scottish Constitution

Paul Cairney unpacks the plans for a Scottish Constitution and an entrenchment of policy preferences.

State of the debate: Vote Yes to Save the NHS?

As part of our state of the debate series, Paul Cairney discusses why the NHS is described as this week’s ‘key battleground’.

Would Scottish Independence Save the NHS and Keep Education Free?

In a post originally published at his personal blog, Paul Cairney addresses the assertions made by the Yes campaign that independence is required to protect the NHS and keep compulsory education free.

Is Scottish independence bad for your health?

Researchers from Edinburgh’s Innogen Institute spoke with representatives from the health sector in order to pinpoint the most relevant issues in the referendum debate.

White paper reflections – Health and Clinical Research

James Mittra looks at the health, social care and NHS sections within the White Paper.