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Brexit and the Union: what next for Scotland in the UK?

Philip Rycroft, former Permanent Secretary at DEXEU and now Associate Fellow of the Centre on Constitutional Change and Honorary Professor at the University of Edinburgh, reflects on what the ongoing Brexit uncertainties may mean for Scotland and the Union
Ruth Davidson leader of the Scottish Conservatives

Will Ruth Davidson’s resignation have an impact on Brexit?

In a blog originally published at the UK in a Changing Europe, Professor Nicola McEwen discusses the implications of Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson's resignation.
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Devolution, climate change and the climate emergency

Dr Antje Brown of St Andrew’s University reflects on the Scottish Government’s climate change agenda at a time of climate emergency. She argues that like in 2009, the conditions are right for ambitious action on climate change.
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A Constitutional Convocation

In a guest blog, Welsh commentator Glyndwr Cennydd Jones calls for a UK Constitutional Convention to explore the nature of the Union and make it fit for purpose for the 21st century.
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Boundaries of the Nation and their Implications in a Multinational State: Comparing Quebecers and Other Canadians

In their contribution to our majority nationalism series, Antoine Bilodeau of Concordia University and Luc Turgeon of the University of Ottawa share the result of their survey which compares the way in which Quebecers and Canadians construct community boundaries.
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Secularism at any cost?

In her contribution to our majority nationalism series, Geneviève Nootens of the Université du Québec explores recent arguments over a draft legislation on secularism, introduced in Québec.
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Turning Ethnicity against Ethnic Nationalities

In his contribution to our majority nationalism blog series, Alexandre Pelletier of Cornell University reflects on the twin faces of majority nationalism in Myanmar.

Does the use of majority and minority mislead when addressing nationalism?

In our ongoing series on majority nationalism, Brian Girvin reflects on the language of majority and minority.
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Facing the strain: intergovernmental relations between Cardiff and Westminster

In the aftermath of the most recent EU Council meeting, the prospect of the UK’s exit from the European Union without a withdrawal agreement looms larger than ever. Greg Davies suggests that this is a test for intergovernmental relations between Cardiff and Westminster and for the wider territorial constitution.