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Spain’s new Government is “a-changin”?

Luis Moreno, Research Professor at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), looks at the unfavourable parliamentary arithmetic facing Prime Minister Sánchez and his PSOE party.
20 years devolution

The English Question – from the margins to the mainstream?

In the latest blog in our "Twenty Years of Devolution" series, CCC Fellow Professor Michael Kenny (University of Cambridge) ponders the omission of England from the UK's twenty year old devolution settlement.

Where to for Catalan Independentists in the European Parliament?

Judith Sijstermans (University of Edinburgh) considers how Catalonia's new nationalist MEPs can make an impact in the European Parliament.
Northern Ireland

Conservative leadership contenders face Irish border impasse over Brexit

CCC Fellow Dr Mary Murphy (University College Cork) on how the contenders for the Tory leadership are effectively offering one of three choices in how they confront the current Brexit impasse, and how each choice has specific consequences for the island of Ireland.
Big Ben

Renewal of trust and a reformed JMC needed to improve UK-Scottish relations

In a guest blog, Pete Wishart MP, Chair of Westminster's Scottish Affairs Committee, outlines the key findings of the Committee's inquiry into UK-Scottish intergovernmental relations.
20 years devolution

People O’ Oor Ain

In the first instalment of our series on devolution at twenty, the University of Edinburgh’s David McCrone shares his thoughts on the success of the Scottish Parliament.

Basque Country and Catalonia: Different Paths to Recognition

Spain’s changing politics cannot be understood without considering its internal, national disputes argues Dr. Ander Errasti-Lopez of the European University Institute, Florence.
20 years devolution

Introducing "Twenty Years of Devolution"

Dr. Coree Brown Swan introduces our new weekly blog series which reflects on the past decades of devolution and examines what we might expect to see in the coming years in all parts of the United Kingdom and across a wide range of policy areas.
Downing Street

The next PM's territorial challenges

Jack Sheldon (Bennett Institute, University of Cambridge) looks at the constitutional issues facing Britain's next Prime Minister.