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Outside the Scottish Parliament building

The tentative path to a date with destiny

Richard Parry discusses the pressures from political strategy and legal compliance that lie behind the First Minister’s announcement of a referendum date.
Path to an independence referendum

WATCH: Pathways to an independence referendum

The Scottish Government has said it will hold an independence referendum in 2023. But does it have the power to do so? A new animation from the CCC sets out the likely path to a referendum on Scotland's independence.
External photo of the Scottish Parliament building

“The festering issue” – the legality of a second independence referendum

With the Scottish Government working towards an independence referendum, discussions continue about the legality of such a referendum. David Torrance, House of Commons Library, examines the "festering issue", arguing that even a consultative referendum could fall outside the scope of the parliament’s powers.
Image of the Northern Ireland Parliament Buildings

Northern Ireland: A pawn in the new waiting game

Lisa Claire Whitten, Research Fellow at Queen's University Belfast and the Post-Brexit Governance NI project, reacts to the latest developments around the Northern Ireland Protocol, writing that Northern Ireland finds itself at the centre of a new UK-EU waiting game.
Scottish Parliament Marco Varisco CC License via Flickr

Spotlight on…Scottish independence

Following the launch of the Scottish Government's first in a series of papers on Scotland’s independence, we’ve collected key reads from our experts giving analysis on borders, economics, Scotland’s relationship with the EU and more.
UK map

A design for modern Britain: Confederal Federalism

Glyndwr Cennydd Jones writes that 'the traditional model of a federal UK is currently a politically problematic proposal' and suggests confederal federalism in the UK is a 'broad, constitutional compromise', and an answer to challenges ahead.
Constitutionally Sound, episode 11, Northern Ireland after the election

Experts discuss Northern Ireland and the 2022 Assembly elections in new podcast episode

In the latest episode of the Constitutionally Sound podcast, our guests Katy Hayward and David McCann discuss what happened at the Northern Ireland 2022 Assembly election; the Alliance 'surge'; the Protocol; and what next for Northern Ireland.
Online event: Northern Ireland election in a constitutional key

Expert panel to discuss power-sharing in Northern Ireland, following the elections

Following the Northern Ireland Assembly Elections 2022, this online CCC event will bring together a panel of experts to discuss power-sharing and the constitutional future of Northern Ireland in the UK.
Catalonia, Scotland and the EU: Visions of Independence and Integration

WATCH – Book launch: Catalonia, Scotland and the EU

The recording of our recent online book launch for Catalonia, Scotland and the EU: Visions of Independence and Integration is now available to watch on the Centre’s YouTube channel.