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Multinationalism, Constitutional Asymmetry and COVID: UK Responses to the Pandemic

2 November 2021 | Karlo Basta , Ailsa Henderson

Journal article by Dr Karlo Basta and Professor Ailsa Henderson.

Reports & Briefings

Designing and funding the devolved nations’ policy responses to COVID-19

22 April 2021 | Centre on Constitutional Change

Report by David Bell (University of Stirling), David Eiser (Fraser of
Allander Institute, Strathclyde Business School) and David Phillips (Institute for Fiscal Studies)

Books & Articles

Scotland's New Choice: Independence after Brexit

18 March 2021 | Centre on Constitutional Change

A new ebook from the Centre on Constitutional Change 'Scotland's New Choice: Independence after Brexit' where 25 leading academics address the question of what independence means for Scotland after Brexit.

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Shades of solidarity: Comparing Scottish and Flemish responses to Catalonia

4 February 2021 | Centre on Constitutional Change

Article from Coree Brown Swan (Centre on Constitutional Change) and Judith Sijstermans (University of Birmingham) examining solidarity expressed by representatives of Europe's sub-state nationalist parties during the 2017 Catalan independence referendum.

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Taking back control? Brexit and the territorial constitution of the United Kingdom

2 February 2021 | Michael Keating

Article from Michael Keating discussing the territorial tensions exacerbated by Brexit in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and responses to these tensions.

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Issues of Sovereignty: Redefining Politics in Scotland

4 January 2021 | David McCrone, Michael Keating

Using new data from the British Election Study, David McCrone and Michael Keating show how public opinion in Scotland is polarizing around the constitutional issues of Scottish independence and Europe.

Books & Articles

The Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics

20 August 2020 | Michael Keating

'The Oxford of Scottish Politics' is a comprehensive volume on the state of Scottish politics today. Featuring contributions from CCC Fellows and colleagues, the Handbook provides a thorough overview of Scottish politics.