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Sleeping with an Elephant: Devolution and the United Kingdom Internal Market Act 2020

23 February 2022 | Centre on Constitutional Change

Journal article from Nicola McEwen, Aileen McHarg, Jo Hunt and Michael Dougan. The constitutional fall-out from the process of withdrawing from the European Union has been dramatic and wide-ranging. The focus of this article is the impact of withdrawal on devolution and the territorial constitution, through an examination of the market access principles that are at the core of the United Kingdom Internal Market Act 2020 (UKIMA).

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An EU border across Britain: Scotland’s borders after Independence

3 February 2022 | Nicola McEwen, Katy Hayward

This report, An EU border across Britain: Scotland’s borders after independence, considers the prospect of an independent Scotland within the European Union, not as a prediction, but to illustrate how Brexit has profoundly changed the context in which independence is contested and could be realised.

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Scotland's New Choice: Independence after Brexit

18 March 2021 | Centre on Constitutional Change

A new ebook from the Centre on Constitutional Change 'Scotland's New Choice: Independence after Brexit' where 25 leading academics address the question of what independence means for Scotland after Brexit.

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Brexit and the union: Territorial voice, exit and re-entry strategies in Scotland and Northern Ireland after EU exit

12 March 2021 | Nicola McEwen, Mary C. Murphy

Article from Nicola McEwen and Mary C Murphy examining the impact of Brexit on the internal boundaries and territorial future of the UK, with a focus on Scotland and Northern Ireland

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Taking back control? Brexit and the territorial constitution of the United Kingdom

2 February 2021 | Michael Keating

Article from Michael Keating discussing the territorial tensions exacerbated by Brexit in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and responses to these tensions.

Reports & Briefings

Brexit and Beyond

19 January 2021 | Centre on Constitutional Change

Report from UK in a Changing Europe, underlining the challenges and opportunities that confront the United Kingdom now it has left the European Union.

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Has the European Union empowered the regions? A pre- and post-Brexit preliminary investigation of the United Kingdom

11 January 2021 | Giada Laganà

Giada Lagana provides an account of how empowering and disempowering structures in the interacted with at a European level and the disempowering issues Brexit presents for the UK's territorial and constitutional future.