Policy Frameworks after Brexit

30 October 2018 | Michael Keating

A sbumission from Prof. Michael Keating to the Common Frameworks inquiry.

Books & Articles

Europe and Northern Ireland's Future

25 April 2018 | Mary C. Murphy

The implications of Brexit for Northern Ireland are profound, given its history and geographical position as a land border with the European Union.

Reports & Briefings

The Implications of Brexit for the Movement of Goods

6 November 2017 | Centre on Constitutional Change

The decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union has major consequences for the transport, logistics and supply chain sector.

Reports & Briefings

Brexit and Beyond - How the UK might leave the EU

2 November 2016 | Centre on Constitutional Change

The PSA and the UK in a Changing Europe have today (2 November 2016) launched a comprehensive report looking at the processes and challenges ahead in the UK's withdrawal from the EU.

Reports & Briefings

The Dalriada Document

15 July 2016 | Centre on Constitutional Change

Summary: This document explains how Northern Ireland and Scotland should and could stay within the European Union while remaining inside the United Kingdom; why this proposal need not prevent and

Reports & Briefings

Does Business Really Support ‘Remain’ in the EU Referendum Debate?

20 June 2016 | Brad MacKay

In less than a week, the British public will vote in the EU ‘in-out’ referendum on whether to remain or to leave the European Union.