A Wealthier, Fairer Scotland: The Political Economy of Constitutional Change

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How can Scotland use its new and existing powers to create a brighter economic and social future?

The ambition of the Scottish Government is to create a wealthier and fairer nation. Following the devolution acts of 1998, 2012 and 2016, it has extensive powers and resources to fulfill its ambition. This interdisciplinary collection of essays asks how it can be achieved, given the range of powers available, economic constraints, institutions and public support. Looking at economic policy, taxation and welfare, A Wealthier, Fairer Scotland provides a realistic analysis of the opportunities and constraints facing a small, devolved nation. After years of debate on what powers Scotland should have, this book examines how they might be used to shape the country’s future.

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1. The Political Economy of Devolution,
Michael Keating

2. Taxes and Spending
Patrizio Lecca, Peter G McGregor and Kim Swales

3. Inequality in Scotland: Dimensions and Policy Responses
David Bell, David Eiser and Katerina Lisenkova

4. Towards a Fairer Scotland? Assessing the Prospects and Implications of Social Security Devolution
Nicola McEwen

5. A More Gender-Equal Scotland? Childcare Policy in Scotland after the Independence Referendum
Craig McAngus and Kirstein Rummery

6. Constitutional Change, Social Investment and Prevention Policy in Scotland
Paul Cairney, Malcolm Harvey, and Emily St Denny

7. Getting to a Wealthier and Fairer Scotland
Michael Keating and Robert Liñeira

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