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RT @JohnSmithCentre: Join us at this year's @ScotParl Festival of Politics to discuss how women can stand and succeed with an outstanding p…

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RT @ShiptonMartin: Support for Welsh independence soars in new poll by YouGov https://t.co/30zSsNDffK

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What does #Brexit mean for #Scotland and the #Union? Check out our new blog by Philip Rycroft, former Permanent Sec… https://t.co/giafneLnZh

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CCC fellow Dan Wincott offers an explainer on the Court of Session ruling. https://t.co/gXw6qsTVZ4

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What’s the point of devolved international development programmes? Thoughts from Wales

In their contribution to our series on devolution at twenty, Craig Owen and Susie Ventris-Field of the Welsh Centre for International Affairs reflect on the Welsh approach to international development.

What was Boris up to in Scotland?

Michael Kenny and Jack Sheldon of Cambridge University reflect on Boris Johnson's trip to Aberdeen, arguing that it represents a form of 'unionist activism', using the central state to make the case for the Union.
Glasgow City Council

Local Government: Time to Ditch the Whitehall Model?

In his contribution to the devolution at twenty series, Neil McGarvey of the University of Strathclyde examines the effect of devolution on local government, arguing that it is time for change.
Scottish Parliament Marco Varisco CC License via Flickr

Devolving welfare: Creating a velvet glove or dismantling the iron fist?

In her contribution to our series on devolution at twenty, Dr Hayley Bennett highlights the importance of examining both policy ideas and implementation approaches for devolved social security and welfare services in Scotland.

New CCC website!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new website!
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Territorial Tensions in the Canadian Federation

Ahead of Canada's federal elections, André Lecours of the University of Ottawa assesses the prospects of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party, in the face of electoral instability.