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A Parliament for All report front cover

Blog - Scottish Parliament report advances international agenda on gender-sensitising parliamentary reforms

In this blog, Professor Sarah Childs, Dr Meryl Kenny and Professor Fiona Mackay discuss the Scottish Parliament's new report on reforms to gender representation and participation at Holyrood.
Luis Moreno

Professor Luis Moreno

It is with a heavy heart that we mark the passing of Professor Luis Moreno.
Labour: A New Britain Report

Guest Blog – A New Britain

The Labour Party’s Commission on the Future of the UK has published it report, ‘A New Britain: Renewing Our Democracy and Rebuilding our Economy'. In this guest blog, Jim Gallagher, adviser to Commission, sets out the transformative effect that it could have for the UK’s territorial constitution.
Economic Policy Proposal

The SNP’s Currency Proposals

On 17th October, Nicola Sturgeon presented the SNP’s economic proposals for an independent Scotland, including on the currency. Albeit with slightly less fanfare, on the same day I published a report, Twenty-First Century Central Banking and an Independent Scotland’s Currency Choice.
Dr Iain Hardie's report - 21st Central Banking & an Independent Scotland's Currency

New currency best option for Scotland, says report by expert on political economy

A new currency would be better for an independent Scotland than an informal currency union with the UK, according to a new report on developments in central banking by the Centre on Constitutional Change.
Screenshot of video: Brexit and devolution

WATCH: Brexit and devolution

How has Brexit affected the relationship between the UK and devolved governments? A new animation from the Centre on Constitutional Change explains the impact of Brexit on devolution.