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Estimating semantic change in UK constitutional discourse

Alex Schwartz, Senior Lecturer in Public Law at the University of Glasgow examines informal semantic changes that may have accompanied more formal changes to the UK's constitutions over the past few decades. 
Sarajevo, Bosnia

Bosnia-Herzegovina and Ukraine: On the edge of NATO and the EU, too close to prying neighbours

Neven Andjelic examines Bosnia-Herzegovina, and its similarities with Ukraine, asking "could the situation get worse in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which has two 'attentive' neighbours – Serbia and Croatia?"
A League-Union of the Isles

Constitutional reflections and renewal

Glyndwr Cennydd Jones has launched his new e-book A League-Union of the Isles, now available to read, download and print. In this blog, he takes us through the essays included in the book, a collection of his constitutional writing since 2016.
Doorway with polling station sign

Did COVID-19 change campaigning in the Scottish and Welsh Parliament Elections of 2021? Evidence from campaign spending returns

Following campaign spending returns being published this week by the Electoral Commission, Dr Alistair Clark, Reader in Politics at Newcastle University, analyses how election campaign spending might have changed under Covid-19 circumstances in the Scottish and Welsh elections of 2021.
School children in classroom

The controversy over language in Catalan schools heats up

In this blog post, Jordi Argelaguet - Senior lecturer in Political Science, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - examines the recent controversy over language use in schools in Catalonia.

The territorial dimension of Kazakhstan’s protests

Kazakhstan’s nationwide protests have important territorial aspects regarding their origin, scale, presence of violence, and people’s demands.