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Our Fellows on Unionism

Published: 19 March 2021

The future of the Union in the UK has been widely debated in recent months, and with the Scottish and Welsh elections on the horizon, discussions around independence are at the top of the agenda. Our Fellows have been following proceedings closely: 

In an article in The Guardian, Michael Keating argues that the biggest challenge to the Union could be the failure of unionists to understand what union really means.

Nicola McEwen wrote a letter for The Times discussing Boris Johnson's strategy for the Union, arguing that it may backfire. 

Nicola was also on the panel for ASEN's event 'Brexit and nationalism in the United Kingdom' with Anand Menon and Katy Hayward. 

Michael Kenny and Michael Keating were quoted in Martin Kettle's opinion piece exploring Brosi Johnson's unionism and impact this will have on the Union. 

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