Spotlight on Borders: Insights from the Northern Ireland-Ireland Border

Reports & Briefings
Nicola McEwen

UK-Irish interdependence today can provide valuable insights for Scottish-UK border relations, as some of the interdependences and the management of these could also apply to Scottish-UK border relations in the event of independence.

 EU regulations on mobility of persons, goods and services as well as cross-border treaties and agreements can minimize that the border become a barrier to mobility for those travelling, living or working across the border. An information service is an invaluable tool supporting citizens and bureaucrats in understanding regulations and entitlements they confer.

Intergovernmental processes and EU funded cross-border schemes reduce the impact of the border on people and businesses, and can promote pragmatic policy cooperation, as well as cross-border trade and mobility.

Bettina Petersohn and Nicola McEwen
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