A Partnership of Equals? Insights from Ireland for Scottish-UK relations after independence

Reports & Briefings
Clare de Mowbray

Isolation or Interdependence? Competing Visions of Independence

The Scottish electorate have been presented with two contrasting visions of what it would mean for Scotland to be an independent country. For the UK government and Better Together, it would mean Scotland standing alone, isolated from the rest of the UK and lacking influence in the world. For the Scottish government and Yes Scotland, independence would mark a new relationship between the nations of these islands, with continued and extensive co-operation in a partnership of equals.

This paper reflects upon the prospects for intergovernmental co-operation in the event of independence by looking across the Irish Sea. It is in three parts. The first considers the evolution of British-Irish relations. The second considers north-south relations on the island of Ireland. The third draws what insights these comparative examples lend to the debate over Scotland’s constitutional future and the prospects for Scottish-rUK relations in the event of independence.

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