Human Rights Act Repeal and Devolution: Points and Further Resources on Scotland and Northern Ireland

Reports & Briefings
The proposed repeal of the Human Rights Act (HRA), and in particular its implications for devolution have attracted a lot of attention.  The proposal for repeal is set out in a Conservative Party proposal of October 2014, and mentioned in the Conservative Party manifesto on page 60.  Not included in the Queen’s speech, these proposals appear to be somewhat on hold, reportedly due to a threatened back-bench rebellion
A report launched recently as a result of a legal expert seminar at the University of Edinburgh, on the legal implications of repeal of the HRA (see further below) provides the full chapter and verse on the issue. The concerns with the proposal had a significant devolution dimension, as set out below.  This briefing is an extended summary of these concerns with a list of more detailed and reasoned resources.
Bell_Human Rights Devolution.pdf (335.14 KB, application/pdf)