Engaging with immigration policy on the ground: A study of Local Authorities in Scotland

Reports & Briefings
Clare de Mowbray

This paper focuses on how policies and practices relating to immigration are developed at the local level. It explores how Local Authorities in Scotland plan for and respond to international migration. The Scottish Government has made it clear that it is keen to attract migrants to Scotland and that it would be more proactive in this if it had the relevant policy levers. However it is Local Authorities that need to respond to inflows of migrants in terms of issues such as service provision or community cohesion.

This research was carried out as part of the ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland programme and focussed on 16 Local Authority areas, ranging from cities to remote regions. It raises questions about how the cogent arguments of local policy makers can be better represented in national debates about immigration policy.

Briefing19_Packwood.pdf (1.72 MB, application/pdf)