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Scottish Centre on European Relations


Kirsty Hughes is a writer and commentator on European and international politics and policy, and an Associate Fellow, Friends of Europe, Brussels. She has worked for thinktanks, universities and NGOs, such as Chatham House, Centre for European Policy Studies, Oxfam GB and the European Commission.

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EU and Scotland

Lessons for Scotland from the EU’s Enlargement to Central and Eastern Europe

From the Scottish Centre on European Relations report 'An Independent Scotland in the EU: Issues for Accession', Director Kirsty Hughes, provides an overview of EU enlargement over the years, the development of the accession process, and asks, what would the process look like for an independent Scotland?
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Scotland's Choice: what next for Scotland in Europe?

What are the options for Scotland's relationship with Europe? Kirsty Hughes discusses how Brexit has radically changed the implications for an independent Scotland in the EU.
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Brexit Deal Kicks Can Down the Road – and Not Towards a Soft Brexit

The first stage deal reached between the UK and the EU27 is an important staging post, says Kirsty Huges, but any suggestions that this opens the path to an easy future relationship are wide of the mark.
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Brexit after Article 50: a rollercoaster ride

As Theresa May fires the starting pistol on the Brexit negotiations, Kirsty Hughes looks down the track at what shape Britain might be in when, and if, it reaches the finishing line.
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Second independence referendum before Brexit – is the timing right?

Kirsty Hughes discusses how Nicola Sturgeon has pre-empted Theresa May’s triggering of Article 50, getting in first with her plan to hold a second independence referendum.
UK and EU27

Brexit Talks: What will we know in autumn 2018?

If Brexit talks go to schedule (and don't break down), the shape of any deal should be clear by the autumn of 2018. Kirsty Hughes explains what will be known by then and how various political actors may respond.