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Jonathan Evershed

University College Cork
Postdoctoral Researcher

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RT @ShiptonMartin: Support for Welsh independence soars in new poll by YouGov

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What does #Brexit mean for #Scotland and the #Union? Check out our new blog by Philip Rycroft, former Permanent Sec…

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CCC fellow Dan Wincott offers an explainer on the Court of Session ruling.

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Irish border

The Northern Ireland-only backstop revisited

Amid growing speculation that Boris Johnson is prepared to look again at a Northern Ireland-only backstop, CCC Fellow Jonathan Evershed asks whether and how it might provide a solution to the Brexit logjam.

The DUP and no-deal tariffs: double standards?

Jonathan Evershed of University College Cork asks whether the UK Government’s new tariff plan is a case of double standards and, if so, why the silence so far from the DUP?

Brexit and the Irish backstop: Where are we now?

Theresa May's public recognition of the realities of the Norther Irish border in her Commons speech withdrawing the Meaningful Vote was, says Jonathan Evershed, much too little and far too late.
Protestant Mural Belfast

Not with a bang but a whimper

As the DUP position shifts and Threatens Theresa May's working majority, Jonathan Evershed assesses the scope and limits of Unionist resistance to the Brexit backstop.

The Ghost at the Feast: The Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly and the Brexit backstop

CCC Fellow Jonathan Evershed of University College Cork assess the fallout from the Prime Minister's unhappy appearance at the Salzberg summit.
Northern Ireland Border

What is Special About Customs?

Given that there are many policy differences between Northern Ireland and other parts of the UK, asks Jonathan Evershed, why has customs policy been singled out as a red line by Unionists?