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Welsh Parliament

What’s happening in Wales, and what does it mean for Ireland-Wales relations?

Jonathan Evershed looks at the important foundations on which to build a stronger Ireland-Wales relationship.

Centennial dilemmas: Marking one hundred years of Northern Ireland

Jonathan Evershed, University College Cork, discusses the UK government's plans for the centenary of Northern Ireland arguing that Boris Johnson has raised the stakes of what was already likely to be a politically difficult commemoration.

'Our Shared Future': Ireland's New Programme for Government

Jonathan Evershed, University College Cork, reflects on all that's happened since the Irish General Election and analyses Our Shared Future, Ireland's new Programme for Government.

Brexit, the Irish border and Coronavirus

Jonathan Evershed, University College Cork, discusses the COVID-19 pandemic and looming Brexit negotiations, arguing that the response to the virus continues to show the gap between Ireland and UK that has been evident throughout the Brexit process.

The Sinn Féin surge, and what it might mean for Brexit and the border

Following the 2020 Irish General Election, Sinn Féin is the most popular party in Ireland by first preference votes. Jonathan Evershed, University College Cork, discusses the election result and what this might mean for the stages of the Brexit process and the constitutional question in Ireland.

Stormont Restored: New Decade, New Approach?

After three years of stasis, devolution in Northern Ireland is grinding back into gear, following the publication at the end of last week of New Decade, New Approach – the Irish and British governments’ plan to get power-sharing back on the road. Jonathan Evershed, University College Cork, evaluates the deal and what it is promising for Northern Ireland.