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Politics and International Relations
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Eve Hepburn is the Founder and Managing Director of PolicyScribe, an ethical policy research consultancy. She is also an Academic Fellow at the Scottish Parliament, an Honorary Fellow at the Edinburgh Europa Institute, an Associate at 3rd Horizons, and member of the Advisory Board of the Scottish Centre on European Relations (SCER). Prior to establishing PolicyScribe in 2017, Eve spent 15 years holding various academic positions at leading universities throughout Europe and North America (including the European University Institute, McGill University, the University of British Columbia, Humboldt University, the University of Aberdeen and the University of Cagliari). She was most recently Senior Lecturer in Politics & International Relations at the University of Edinburgh. She has authored nine books and over 50 refereed journal articles on devolved policy-making, European integration, Scottish-EU relations, federalism and regionalism, and immigration in the UK, Europe and North America.  She has provided policy advice to a range of organisations including the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Government, UK Parliament, Canadian Government, Sardinian Government, Aland Parliament, Scottish Funding Council, the BBC and Glasgow City Council. Eve is also the Founder of Fearlessly CIC, an award-winning social enterprise focussed on youth wellbeing.

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