Colin Fleming



Dr Fleming is an Associate at PolicyScribe and Associate Fellow at the Centre of Constitutional Change (CCC). He was previously a Research Fellow at the CCC, where he was a project-leader on Defence and Security (2013-2015) during the Scottish Independence Referendum. Prior to that, he has held positions as Leverhulme Trust Early Career Research Fellow (University of Edinburgh), and Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence. His research interests are in strategic studies, UK defence Policy, defence cooperation, as well as debates surrounding the changing character of war.

Posts by this author

Scotland and NATO: a natural partnership?

Colin Fleming on the NATO membership prospects of an independent Scotland.

State of the debate: Scotland, NATO, and Trident?

Colin Fleming investigates issues relating to the ongoing defence debate.

White paper reflections - Defence

While some of the Scottish Government (SG) defence aspirations will be shaped through negotiation, on NATO membership its proposed defence structure, and its commitments to serving personnel, the SG has sought to reassure the Scottish people, the rest of the United Kingdom and potential allies that it will take its defence responsibilities seriously.

White Paper reflections - Defence

The White Paper sets out a comprehensive defence blueprint in the event of Independence

Why Scotland is more than capable of defending itself

Writing in the Herald, Dr Colin Fleming explores the defence capacity of an independent Scotland in light of the report issued by Secretary of State for Defence, Philip Hammond which suggests security risks for Scotland.