Scottish and UK governments publish energy reports

9 April 2014 01:00–10 April 2014 00:59

This week, both the Scottish Government and the UK Government have produced their analyses of energy prospects of an independent Scotland.

The Scottish Government report, UK energy policy and Scotland’s contribution to security of supply, details Scotland's role the larger UK energy market. The report criticises the UK Government's efforts to maintain energy security, noting that the UK faces the highest black-out risk in a generation, with reserve energy margins falling to low levels. This, according to the Scottish Government, has placed pressure on consumers and businesss and undermined investment. The report stresses Scotland's crucial role in producing green energy and highlights the need for inward investment. 

The UK Government report, Scotland Analysis: Energy, presents the UK Government’s analysis of the energy markets and the policy implications of the debate on Scottish independence. The report discusses the advantages of an integrated Great Britain wide energy market which provides economies of scale and an attractive target for investment. Independence, according to the report, would require a differentiated approach and would increase costs for both energy producers and consumers.