Politics of Self-determination

Event - The Politics of Self-Determination - 4 October 2023

Wed, 10/04/2023 - 11:00 - Wed, 10/04/2023 - 13:00


Practice Suite (1.12), First Floor, Chrystal Macmillan Building


Yves-François Blanchet holds a degree in anthropology and history from the University of Montreal. He entered politics in 1987, joining the Parti Québécois under the leadership of Jacques Parizeau. Blanchet was first elected to the Quebec National Assembly in 2008, becoming Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks in 2012.

In 2019, Blanchet became Leader of the Bloc Québécois, a party whose mission is to advocate for Quebeckers’ interests in the Parliament of Canada and promote Quebec sovereignty. Bringing his gift for public speaking and his vision for a politics of constructive proposals to bear in Quebec, Blanchet helped triple the number of Bloc Québécois MPs in the House of Commons. His gamble paid off. Blanchet’s approach is simple: the Bloc supports measures that are good for Quebec and opposes or improves those that are bad for it.

Blanchet is an environmentalist, a regionalist and a humanist committed to reinstating “independence diplomacy.” He has infused the Bloc Québécois with his vision of a proud, innovative Quebec where the environment and the economy go hand in hand and where people are taken care of. Under his leadership, the party is focused on strengthening the French language, affirming the secular nature of government institutions, supporting the green transition, enhancing health care and protecting Quebec’s arts and culture from the tech giants.

Key speakers

François-Yves Blanchet, Member of Parliament (Canada) and leader of the Bloc Québécois

Partner institutions

Centre of Canadian StudiesCentre on Constiutional ChangeUniversity of Edinburgh