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Better Devolution and EVEL - APPG for Reform, Decentralisation and Devolution

29 October 2015 | Michael Kenny

This current reform is also likely to have wider constitutional implications.


EVEL and the Union: House of Lords Constitution Committee

29 October 2015 | Michael Kenny

The government’s proposals for introducing EVEL are, on one level, an internal matter for the House of Commons.

Reports & Briefings

Intergovernmental Relations & Parliamentary Scrutiny

6 October 2015 | Centre on Constitutional Change

As part of the Committee’s scrutiny of inter-governmental relations, the Committee commissioned external research of the legislative oversight of inter-governmental relations in other jurisdictions

Reports & Briefings

Principles and mechanisms to stabilise the Union: Lessons from federal states

6 October 2015 | Bettina Petersohn

The Constitution Committee of the House of Lords is currently conducting an inquiry into the impact of devolution on the UK, what binds the constituent parts together and how the Union might be str

Reports & Briefings

A Year On...

17 September 2015 | David Bell

A year on from the independence referendum, David Bell considers what's happened since, particularly in terms of the economy and economic powers.

Reports & Briefings

Indexing Scottish Welfare Payments: Evidence for the Welfare Reform Committee of the Scottish Parliament

6 September 2015 | David Bell

The Scotland Bill contains many new powers for the Scottish Government but those relating to welfare have been the focus of particular interest.

Reports & Briefings

English Votes for English Laws: A viable answer to the English Question?

7 July 2015 | Michael Kenny

Last week the government published its detailed proposals for introducing English Votes for English Laws (EVEL) into the House of Commons.