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Who will be affected by Scotland’s new welfare powers?

27 April 2016 | David Bell

New analysis by Prof David Bell, a CCC Fellow based at the University of Stirling, has concluded that those benefits newly devolved under the Scotland Act 2016, “are typically older, more likely

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Britain's Decision

19 April 2016 | Centre on Constitutional Change

The Hunter Foundation has teamed up with some of the UK’s leading European scholars to produce a free ebook to answer voters’ questions before the EU referendum on June 23rd

Reports & Briefings

Scotland's Fiscal Framework: Assessing the agreement

22 March 2016 | Centre on Constitutional Change

The Smith Commission Agreement, published on 27

Working papers

Light Blue: Policy Adventures for Scottish Conservatives

3 March 2016 | Alan Convery

It has taken the Scottish Conservatives a long time to adjust to life in post-devolution Scotland.

Reports & Briefings

Adjusting Scotland’s Block Grant: The options on the table

23 February 2016 | Centre on Constitutional Change

"The UK and Scottish Governments have so far failed to agree the new 'fiscal framework' that must accompany the transfer of tax and welfare powers recommended by the Smith Commission and set out in

Reports & Briefings

Alternatives to European Union Membership for the United Kingdom

22 January 2016 | Michael Keating

The United Kingdom has the right, under the Lisbon Treaty, to leave the European Union, as explained in Sionaidh Douglas-Scott’s paper for the Committee.

Reports & Briefings

Event report - Constitutional Change in Canada and the UK: Challenges to Devolution and Federalism

12 January 2016 | Centre on Constitutional Change

Federalism in Canada and devolution in the United Kingdom both face emerging challenges. Questions exist over the right level of social solidarity and welfare.