Reports & Briefings

Parliament and Brexit

23 March 2020 | Anand Menon, Meg Russell, Katy Hayward , Jack Sheldon, Nicola McEwen

CCC Fellows contributed to "Parliament and Brexit" a report from UK in a Changing Europe, University of Leicester and The Constitution Unit exploring the role that Parliament has played to date on Brexit, as well as the challenges and opportunities that Parliament is likely to face during phase two of the UK-EU negotiations.

Reports & Briefings

An Independent Scotland in the EU: Issues for Accession

17 March 2020 | Kirsty Hughes, Nicola McEwen, David Bell, Katy Hayward , Tobias Lock

The latest report from the Scottish Centre for European Relations (SCER) bringing together the views of fifteen experts across fourteen topics to analyse, from different angles, what an independent Scotland’s accession process to the EU might look like and what the implications of independence in the EU, while the rest of the UK remained outside the EU, might be.

Reports & Briefings

Smaller States' Strategies and Influence in an EU of 27: Lessons from Scotland

16 March 2020 | Kirsty Hughes

This paper from the Scottish Centre on European Relations analyses how smaller EU member states develop their European strategies and tactics, set priorities and build alliances, and sets out some lessons for Scotland’s European strategy. Overall, smaller and medium-sized member states can be influential in the EU but that requires a pro-active, carefully developed strategic approach.

Books & Articles

State and Majority Nationalism in Plurinational States: Responding to Challenges Below

19 February 2020 | Coree Brown Swan, Daniel Cetrà

CCC Fellows Coree Brown Swan and Daniel Cetrá's co-edited special issue has been published State and Majority Nationalism in Plurinational States. This comes after a CCC international workshop last February and our Majority Nationalism blog series last April/May. 

Reports & Briefings

Brexit and the Union

3 February 2020 | Centre on Constitutional Change

What challenges does Brexit present for the UK's territorial and constitutional future? CCC Fellows consider the extent to which the challenges/opportunities resulting from Brexit are likely to have a pulling together or driving apart effect on the UK Union(s) in their report "Brexit and the Union".

Books & Articles

Why Isn't Government Policy More Preventive?

30 January 2020 | Paul Cairney, Emily St.Denny

Book from CCC Fellows, Paul Cairney and Emily St Denny providing state of the art coverage of policy theories and studies and features major new data from interviews with policymakers and comprehensive analysis of policy documents, presenting the most extensive coverage of policy change in British and Scottish politics.

Books & Articles

Ireland and EU Crisis Governance: Continuity and Change in the Shadow of the Financial Crisis and Brexit

23 January 2020 | Mary C. Murphy

CCC Fellow, Mary C Murphy, and John O'Brennan, Associate Professor at Maynooth University edited an issue of the Irish Political Studies Journal "Ireland and EU Crisis Governance: Continuity and Change in the Shadow of the Financial Crisis and Brexit".