Reports & Briefings

Scotland’s Currency Options

2 October 2013 | Clare de Mowbray

The choice of currency arrangement is fundamental to the economics of independence. It matters much more than simply the notes and coins in our pockets.

Reports & Briefings

CREID Briefing paper 2 - Educational attainment and inequality in Scotland: How does Scotland compare with the rest of the UK?

28 August 2013 | Clare de Mowbray

When deciding whether or not to seek independence from the UK, the Scottish electorate will need to consider how Scotland has fared in its governance of areas that are already devolved.

Reports & Briefings

Government spending on benefits and state pensions in Scotland: current patterns and future issues

31 July 2013 |

There has been a growing debate about how the benefits system (that is, the system of state benefits, pensions and tax credits) may be affected if Scotland becomes independent.

Reports & Briefings

The option not on the table: Attitudes to more devolution

6 July 2013 | Centre on Constitutional Change

The Scottish referendum in 2014 will ask people one question - whether they think Scotland should be an independent country.

Reports & Briefings

CREID Briefing paper Briefing paper - Think Tank 1: The Funding of Higher Education in Scotland, the UK and Internationally

22 May 2013 | Clare de Mowbray

The overall aim of this project is to consider the future challenges and opportunities faced by Scottish higher education in the case of further devolution or a vote for independence in autumn 2014

Reports & Briefings

Who supports and opposes independence – and why?

15 May 2013 | John Curtice

Now that the date of the independence referendum has been announced, the debate about Scotland’s constitutional future is in full swing. It is proving to be a strongly contested affair.

Reports & Briefings

In Bed with an Elephant? Exploring Scottish-UK relations after independence

30 April 2013 | Nicola McEwen

Independence and Interdependence: In September 2014, Scots will pass judgement on whether Scotland should be an independent country.