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Multinationalism, Constitutional Asymmetry and COVID: UK Responses to the Pandemic

2 November 2021 | Karlo Basta , Ailsa Henderson

Journal article by Dr Karlo Basta and Professor Ailsa Henderson.

Reports & Briefings

Designing and funding the devolved nations’ policy responses to COVID-19

22 April 2021 | Centre on Constitutional Change

Report by David Bell (University of Stirling), David Eiser (Fraser of
Allander Institute, Strathclyde Business School) and David Phillips (Institute for Fiscal Studies)

Books & Articles

Scotland's New Choice: Independence after Brexit

18 March 2021 | Centre on Constitutional Change

A new ebook from the Centre on Constitutional Change 'Scotland's New Choice: Independence after Brexit' where 25 leading academics address the question of what independence means for Scotland after Brexit.

Books & Articles

Brexit and the union: Territorial voice, exit and re-entry strategies in Scotland and Northern Ireland after EU exit

12 March 2021 | Nicola McEwen, Mary C. Murphy

Article from Nicola McEwen and Mary C Murphy examining the impact of Brexit on the internal boundaries and territorial future of the UK, with a focus on Scotland and Northern Ireland

Books & Articles

Shades of solidarity: Comparing Scottish and Flemish responses to Catalonia

4 February 2021 | Centre on Constitutional Change

Article from Coree Brown Swan (Centre on Constitutional Change) and Judith Sijstermans (University of Birmingham) examining solidarity expressed by representatives of Europe's sub-state nationalist parties during the 2017 Catalan independence referendum.

Books & Articles

Taking back control? Brexit and the territorial constitution of the United Kingdom

2 February 2021 | Michael Keating

Article from Michael Keating discussing the territorial tensions exacerbated by Brexit in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and responses to these tensions.

Reports & Briefings

Brexit and Beyond

19 January 2021 | Centre on Constitutional Change

Report from UK in a Changing Europe, underlining the challenges and opportunities that confront the United Kingdom now it has left the European Union.