Reforming Intergovernmental Relations in the United Kingdom

Reports & Briefings

Experts from the Universities of Edinburgh and Cambridge have called for far-reaching reforms to the UK’s system of intergovernmental relations (IGR). The report, Reforming Intergovernmental Relations in the United Kingdom, provides the framework for a new system of intergovernmental machinery built around principles of respect, transparency and accountability.

The report’s authors, Prof Nicola McEwen and Dr Coree Brown Swan (Edinburgh) and Prof Michael Kenny and Jack Sheldon (Cambridge) drew on the experience of other countries to identify options for the UK. By doing so, they were able to address many of the challenges faced by the UK, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Governments in communicating with each other. The report also suggests means of addressing the asymmetry caused by England lacking institutional representation.

The authors argue that Brexit has exposed the weaknesses in the UK’s system of IGR, and added urgency to the need for major reform.

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