The Dalriada Document

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Summary: This document explains how Northern Ireland and Scotland should and could stay within the European Union while remaining inside the United Kingdom; why this proposal need not prevent and may in fact facilitate England and Wales in leaving the EU; and why this compromise proposal is in accordance with the respective preferences of the peoples of the two Unions within the UK who voted in the advisory referendum held on June 23 2016. The new Prime Minister should address carefully the question of whether to trigger Article 50, or instead to give notice that only parts of the UK, England and Wales, will be leaving the EU.
About the Author: Brendan O’Leary is Lauder Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania where he teaches on the European Union. He is a former Senior Advisor on Power-sharing in the Standby Team of the United Nations Mediation Support Unit, International Fellow at the Senator George J Mitchell Institute at the Queen’s University Belfast, and a member of the US Council on Foreign Relations. Among his publications he has recently co-edited Power-Sharing in Deeply Divided Places and Divided Nations and European Integration. Born in Cork, Ireland, he grew up in County Antrim in Northern Ireland and in Africa (where his father worked for the UN). He received his BA from Oxford University and his PhD from the London School of Economics & Political Science, where he taught for twenty years. The inaugural recipient of the Juan Linz Prize of the International Political Science Association for research on multi-national federations and democracy, he is the latest joint winner of the distinguished scholars prize of the Ethnicity, Migration and Nationalism section of the International Studies Association.


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