Karlo Basta

Karlo Basta

Co-Director, Centre on Constitutional Change
University of Edinburgh
Lecturer in Politics


Karlo Basta is a Lecturer in Politics at the University of Edinburgh. He previously joined the Department of Politics and International Relations from Memorial University, Canada, where he was Associate Professor of Political Science, with tenure. He has held a number of visiting positions, including at Pompeu Fabra University (under the auspices of the Institute for the Study of Self-Government), and EURAC’s Institute for Comparative Federalism, South Tyrol, Italy, where he was a Federal Scholar in Residence.

Dr. Basta works on comparative institutional design in multinational and multiethnic states. He has published work on the formation and evolution of federal and power-sharing institutions, their impact on the stability of plural states, and on the politics and policy of secession. He is currently completing a book manuscript titled A Theory of the Multinational State, alongside a project on the political role of business organizations in advance of secession referenda.

Dr. Basta’s work is based on multi-year fieldwork in Spain, Canada, the UK, and the successor states of the former Yugoslavia. It has appeared in a number of international journals, including Comparative Political Studies, Political Psychology, Publius: The Journal of Federalism, Nations and Nationalism, and others.

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Comparative institutional design in multinational and multiethnic states

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Performing Federal A/symmetry: What Institutional Symbolism Reveals About Multinational States

What is the purpose of institutions in multinational states? Drawing on the experience of Quebec and Canada, Karlo Basta, University of Edinburgh, examines institutions as symbols, expressing specific visions of the state and the nature of the community it encompasses.