John Curtice

Professor of Politics
University of Strathclyde
Professor of Politics


This fellowship is focused on public opinion towards Scotland's constitutional future, and will address three key questions:

  • Are people's attitudes towards independence simply a reflection of their sense of national identity, or are they are also shaped by what they think the consequences of independence would be?
  • Will people vote for or against independence simply based on this issue, or will they be influenced by their attitudes towards the UK government or the various political parties?
  • Has introducing devolution inevitably put Scotland on a path towards independence, or can a stable basis be found for governing Scotland within the framework of the United Kingdom?

The fellowship has resulted in the creation of a website,, which provides a comprehensive collection of  data on public attitudes towards Scotland's future together together with blogs and briefings on the subject. This will be followed by a book length study in the new year.



Posts by this author

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