Jennifer Todd

Jennifer Todd

University College Dublin
Research Director Institute for British Irish Studies, UCD



Jennifer Todd, full Professor in the School of Politics and International Relations (2007-2018), Professorial Fellow of the Geary Research Institute (2018- ), and Research Director (previously Director) of the Institute for British-Irish Studies at the University College Dublin, writes on ethnicity, ethnic conflict, collective identity, and the Northern Ireland conflict and settlement.

She is a UN Global Expert, and a member of the advisory board of Northern Ireland Peace Monitoring Project, and the UNESCO chair of intercultural studies at SS Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia. Her co-authored work Dynamics of Conflict in Northern Ireland, which was read by the negotiating team for the Good Friday Agreement and has since become a classic in the field. She has recently published a study of Identity Change after Conflict (Springer Palgrave 2018) and a co-authored study of British-Irish negotiations on Northern Ireland is in press (Oxford University Press, 2019).

Her most recent research from externally-funded collective projects has generated data sets on state elite understandings of the Northern Ireland peace process, and on everyday identity change in both parts of Ireland in the 2000s.

Professor Todd is a member of the Royal Irish Academy (2007), the highest national honour for Irish academics, she held an IRCHSS senior Research Fellowship (2006-2007), a Fernand Braudel Senior Research Fellowship, European University Institute (2016), and is the current Political Studies of Ireland Fellow, an important honour in Irish political science (2017-2019), and has been awarded multiple international and national research grants.

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