Giada Lagana

Giada Laganà

Cardiff University
Research Associate


Dr Giada Lagana is a Research Associate at the Wales Governance Centre, Cardiff University. She is currently working on the ESRC ‘Between Two Unions’ project with Professor Daniel Wincott and Dr Greg Davies, examining the impact of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) on the UK’s internal constitutional and intergovernmental arrangements. As part of this research, she is also exploring the role of sub-state authorities during the withdrawal process, focusing on extraterritorial cooperation between Wales and the Island of Ireland since the 2016 referendum. 

Giada was awarded her PhD in political science and sociology, in February 2018. Her thesis was submitted under the supervision of Professor Niall O’Dochartaigh and looked at the role of the EU in the Northern Ireland peace process. Giada started out as an historian, completing her undergraduate studies in modern and contemporary history at the University of Pavia (Italy). She then obtained an MA in international relations and history, under the joint supervision of Didier Poton (Université de La Rochelle) and Michel Catala (Université de Nantes).

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Giada Lagana, Cardiff University, discusses her new book 'The European Union and the Northern Ireland Peace Process'. In this blog, Giada provides an overview of the book and explores the role of the EU in the Northern Ireland peace process, as well as its role more generally in peace building, and the impact of Brexit for Northern Ireland. 
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Giada Laganà explores the effectiveness of the Ireland-Wales Cooperation Programme and the EU's role in managing and developing cross-border cooperation.