Edward Cavangh

Edward Cavanagh

University of Edinburgh
Research Fellow, Centre on Constitutional Change


Dr Edward Cavanagh is currently a research fellow at the Centre on Constitutional Change, based at the University of Edinburgh. He is currently working on the ESRC-funded Between Two Unions project, focusing primarily on Scotland, and with a particular emphasis on the constitutional politics of independence and union from a comparative and historical perspective.

He has published a few books, along with twenty-odd book chapters and research articles, in the fields of law and history (and usually at the crossroads of these disciplines). Forthcoming outputs include a chapter (‘Monarchy’) in the Cambridge Constitutional History of the United Kingdom (Cambridge University Press), a chapter (‘Jeremy Bentham and the Imperial Constitution at the Meridian, 1763-1815’) in Bentham and Australia (UCL Press), and an edited volume, Empire and Legal Thought: Ideas and Institutions from Antiquity to Modernity (Brill Publishers).

An early modern historian by training, he is increasingly interested in legal and constitutional change, and the ideas that are mobilised to inspire such change, within the UK and the Commonwealth realms.


Legal and Constitutional History; British Empire-Commonwealth

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