Craig McAngus

University of the West of Scotland


Craig joined UWS as a lecturer in politics in April 2018.  Previously, he held a lectureship at the University of Aberdeen and he was a Research Fellow at the University of Stirling.

Currently, his research interests are focused around the impact of Brexit on UK fisheries policy.  He is the Principal Investigator on an ESRC-funded project entitled 'UK fisheries policy post-Brexit: multi-level challenges and opportunities' which is part of the UK in a Changing Europe project.

His previous research has focused on the development of nationalist parties in the UK, namely Plaid Cymru and the Scottish National Party.  Furthermore, as a Research Fellow, he was involved with the Centre on Constitutional Change where he worked on a project looking at childcare policy in Scotland in the context of constitutional change.  


Posts by this author

Brexit Reflections

Brexit Reflections - What does Brexit mean for those campaigning for Scottish independence?

Craig McAngus looks at the question of Scottish independence which has taken centre stage in the public debate since the Brexit vote.
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Scottish independence back in play after Brexit shock – with a note of caution

The clear difference between Scotland's Remain vote and the preference south of the border has rekindled the independence debate but, says Craig McAngus, all is not entirely straightforward for the SNP.
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A Step to the Left

The long-term implications of indyref on Scottish politics and those of the rest of the UK have been the source of much speculation but, says Craig McAngus, the British Election Survey provides some hard numbers showing a Scottish step to the left.

Could a Corbyn Leadership Revive Scottish Labour?

Could a Corbyn victory win former Scottish Labour voters back from the SNP? Craig McAngus suggests that they may agree with him on many issues but the constitution would remain a sticking point.

The UK Government has backtracked on welfare devolution - but not on the Smith Commission

The Conservatives rejection of devolved top ups for welfare payments isn't a breach of the Smith Agreement, says Craig McAngus, but it certainly seems to throw away the party's own Strathclyde Commission report.

The SNP must perform a balancing act at Westminster

Craig McAngus looks at how the SNP has to both protest and oppose, and this won’t be an easy balancing act.