Akash Paun

Akash Paun

Institute for Government
Senior Fellow


Akash has worked at the Institute for Government (IFG) in London since 2008, having previously worked as a researcher at the Constitution Unit, UCL. He has a broad interest in constitutional change and the comparative study of political systems. He currently manages the IFG’s devolution research programme, leading research on the impact of Brexit on the Union and the history and performance of devolution to all parts of the UK.

Recent publications include Has Devolution Worked?, Devolution at 20, Governing England: English Identity and Institutions in a Changing United Kingdom, and Four Nation Brexit. He has previously also published on subjects such as civil service accountability, coalition and minority government, Cabinet reshuffles, and the Scottish independence referendum on 2014.

Akash is a regular contributor to public debate through contributions to parliamentary committees at Westminster, Holyrood and the Welsh Assembly, and through appearances on national and international broadcast media.


Posts by this author

Deal or no deal

Deal or no deal, the UK Government needs a new strategy for the Union

If Boris Johnson is serious in his commitments to the Union, he will need a new strategy for managing the territorial constitution, argues Akash Paun from the Institute of Government, as a no deal Brexit would be a high risk gamble with the future of the Union.
Polling station

General Election 2015 - Size isn’t everything

The 2015 election is one of the most unpredictable in decades and the last few weeks have seen claim and counterclaim about how the next government will actually be formed. Contrary to political opinion, explains Akash Paun, simply leading the largest party has no particular significance.