While we wait...

Published: 18 September 2014

As we await the first results, what might happen if Scotland votes no? What happens if Scotland votes yes? In our ebook, Scotland’s Decision: 16 questions to think about for the referendum on 18 September, our experts discuss the two scenarios.

What happens if the vote is no? Charlie Jeffery asks: would Scotland get more powers? What difference would they make? In a follow-up post last week, he analyses the details of the proposals made in the past months. ‘We know the legislative timetable: work would begin on more devolution on 19th September, an initial UK Government paper would be published by the end of October, opening up a consultation period set to inform the content of a White Paper on more devolution by the end of November’. But questions remain about the role of the SNP and Scottish Government and how such a move would be received in public opinion.

What happens if the vote is yes? Nicola McEwen discusses the process of negotiations in the event of a yes vote? She notes that ‘both governments will have an obligation to negotiate in good faith, but each will also be keen to get the best outcome for their respective constituents – and be seen to be striving to do so’. In a recent blog, Charlie Jeffery asks ‘what next if yes?’ and examines the Unionist campaign’s possible response. 

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