Where do you stand?

Published: 28 August 2014

Regular readers of this website will have noticed the development of our Guide to the Debate – short, accessible presentations of what the Yes and No sides say about some of the key issues at stake in the referendum, along with our comments designed put the claims of both sides ‘In Perspective’.

There are now twelve of these Guides ranging from the Constitutional ‘Big Picture’ – the basic visions of both sides for Scotland’s future – through a range of economic, welfare and foreign affairs issues to what might be at stake for personal finances whichever way Scotland votes.

Today we add a new feature: ‘Where do I Stand?’ This is an interactive tool linked to the twelve Guides which invites readers to place themselves on a scale extending from ‘Strongly No’ to ‘Strongly Yes’ or various points in between.

You can look at our Guides, reflect on them, then place yourself for each issue on our scale. Our system will then tally the results and point out how you are positioned overall on the arguments for and against Scottish independence.

This is of course not designed to tell you how you should vote, but to help you identify your position on various issues – and also where you think you might need further information.

We are not collecting the results anyone submits, so whatever you click on remains your own private information. We hope you find this an informative, fun and user-friendly way of identifying where YOU stand.

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