What we're reading: white paper edition

Published: 18 December 2013

Coree Brown rounds up the latest blog posts of interest. This month's feature focuses on responses to Scotland's Future.

At Open Democracy, Alys Mumford discusses the implications of the white paper for debt relief, international development, and global justice. Alys applauds the recognition of 'unjust debt' but details the challenges of ensuring policy coherence across government departments, particularly given the emphasis on exports.

At the LSE European Politics and Policy blog, Robert Young reflects on the transaction costs of independence, noting that while independence might mean better economic results in the long run, they will incur significant transaction costs. At British Politics and Policy, Arno van der Zwet and Craig McAngus explore how Scottish attitudes to the two options vary according to national and party identity.

Writing at the Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum, Sarah Craig assesses the implications of the Scottish Government's proposals for immigration policy in an independent Scotland, noting that the White Paper represents an attempt to address gaps in Scotland's labour force, a desire to be a good global citizen, as well as maintain positive relationship with its neighbours. Also at SCCF, Ruth Dukes weighs in on employment policy and the prospect of an independent Scotland.

Peter Geoghagen summarises the debate for Foreign Policy, arguing that yes or no, Scotland's constitutional status is likely to change.

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