What we're reading #4

Published: 4 November 2013
In a piece published at the Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum, Jo Shaw discusses the potential determinants of Scottish citizenship, whether based on territory or ethnocultural characteristics. She stresses the need to determine citizenship quickly in the event of a yes vote but also establish the requirements for the acquisition of citizenship in the years and decades to come. 
The London Review of Books' Glen Newey discusses the challenges of unpacking the demos when planning a vote on independence, noting that 'one group's membership in a union is something in which all members have an interest'. 
Writing at LSE's European Politics and Policy Blog, Luis Moreno compares the Catalan independence movement to its Scottish counterpart. He notes that the Catalan movement is more driven by identity politics and emotions when placed in contrast to the debate over Scottish independence. 
Also at the LSE'S European Politics and Policy Blog, Juan Rodríguez Teruel discusses the challenges that the Spanish Socialist party faces in dealing with rising demands for Catalan autonomy, noting that a hardline may alienate it from the Socialist movement within Catalonia but also that centre-right competitors might exploit any perceived support for Catalonia.


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