Video: Scottish Independence: The Big Money Question

17 September 2013 01:00–18 September 2013 00:59

ESRC Fellow Angus Armstrong and his team at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research have launched an animated film that gives a new twist to the currency debate and the independence referendum.

Dr Armstrong explains:

"We were determined to explain the currency question to a wider audience than you often find at conferences and economist gatherings. The video took a month to make and we worked on a lot of versions of the script to make sure that it is a clear on the currency choices any independent Scotland. We have used a good dose of humour as well. This is very far away from a dry look at financial affairs."

Dr Armstrong hopes that by distributing the film through Facebook, Twitter and other channels, audiences that would miss his papers, will catch the key issues, including what he and his co-researcher Dr Monique Ebell think is a crucial element: how the debt of any independent Scotland would be managed. "How the debt is dealt with just can't be separated from the currency question," says Dr. Armstrong.

Econ Films was the production company behind the nine minute film.

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