Six months to Brexit day

1 October 2018 01:00–2 October 2018 00:59

UK in a Changing Europe marked 6 months to Brexit on Saturday 29th September with a video and 2 reports.

Countdown to Brexit video –

The Brexit endgame: a guide to the parliamentary process of withdrawal from the European Union -


"While there have been calls for the polls to be postponed, Scotland is nevertheless well prepared to hold these el…

15 minutes ago

We're glad folks could join in - we'll be posting the video for those who missed it

15 hours ago

But Covid also presents a new reality. Andrew argues that this is perhaps an opportunity, one to reset, while John…

15 hours ago

Lively debate in the comments - questions of economics, borders, and EU membership - many of the same issues which defined the 2014 debate

15 hours ago