Scotland to suffer under UK immigration proposals, expert group claims

28 February 2019 | 00:00–23:59
The UK Government’s immigration plans could reduce the number of workers in Scotland by up to five per cent over the next two decades, an expert panel has warned.  That is in contrast to the rest of the UK, where the working age population will grow even as UK policy changes cut the number of migrant workers, according to analysis by a panel advising the Scottish Government. The Expert Advisory Group on Migration and Population, chaired by CCC Fellow Professor Christina Boswell of the University of Edinburgh and including CCC colleague Professor David Bell of the University of Stirling, was asked to give independent expert advice to the Scottish Government on migration, population growth and demographic change.    The report reveals the harm UK Government proposals would have on Scotland, reducing migration by up to 50 per cent, thereby jeopardising Scotland’s economy, public services and future population growth.
The Expert Advisory Group on Migration and Population full report is available here.