Have your say – Submitting ideas, views and proposals to The Smith Commission

20 October 2014 01:00–21 October 2014 00:59

Lord Smith has been tasked with convening cross-party talks to produce, by 30 November 2014, Heads of Agreement with recommendations for further devolution of powers to strengthen the Scottish Parliament within the UK. As part of that, Lord Smith wants to hear from you about your views on what could be devolved.

The voice, opinions and ideas of the people of Scotland on what powers should be devolved to strengthen the Scottish Parliament within the UK matter deeply.Lord Smith has asked intermediaries and networks- the campaign and community groups, civic society organisations and institutions that already speak to and for people across Scotland – to bring together proposals and views of their members and feed them into the process.

Members of the public are now welcome to submit their views to help guide the Commission’s consideration of what further powers should be devolved to strengthen the Scottish Parliament within the UK. The deadline for responding is 5pm on 31 October. There are three ways you can make sure your views are heard.

Email: Please email your responses to

Mail: Please write to The Smith Commission, 7th Floor, 144 Morrison Street, EH3 8EX

Website: Please visit the ‘haveyoursay’ page where you can put your ideas in directly.

It is Lord Smith’s intention to conduct the Commission’s work transparently and submissions will be published on the Commission’s website shortly after the deadline (in line with the policy on handling written submissions).

This may be something that you already have very clear views about and any work or thinking you may already have done on the powers that could be devolved will come in helpful. But it doesn’t matter if this is something you are thinking about for the first time – we want to hear your views. We have produced an overview of the powers that are already devolved to Scotland. (A text version is also available)

The Commission welcomes all such submissions and will give them due weight in arriving at its final conclusions. With that in mind, we have produced the following guidelines to help ensure that the content of submissions received best assists us in meeting our terms of reference. The Commission would like to emphasise that these have been produced for guidance only – all submissions will be considered. However, submissions that answer the following key questions, where relevant, are likely to be most helpful to the Commission in its work.